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3. zmaj - Fantasy & SciFi association from Rijeka, Croatia


3. zmaj is a society founded in May 2005, made up of young people that gathered around the idea of promoting fantasy, Sci-Fi and horror genre in literature, art, films and games in our city and beyond.
Since our very beginnings we're organizing an annual convention Rikon, and we publish a fanzine Eridan, which you may now read in English for the first time:

Eridan 12

The web site is a bit of a mess currently because we had an "accident" that involved losing our entire database, but we hope the fanzine will entertain you for a while while we sort this out. Thanks for understanding!

Update: our fanzine received the ESFS award for best fanzine in the year 2011! Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

Fanzine Eridan in English!

Eridan 12



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